Did you know that over 87% of an iceberg's volume (and mass) is underwater? The same principle applies to Jeepin for a Cure!

For the past six years, Jeepin for a Cure has experienced remarkable growth. As we've expanded, we've also implemented more robust accountability measures. Unfortunately, if you're not directly involved with Jeepin for a Cure, you might only see the tip of the iceberg - just the top 13% of what we do.

Here are some fascinating accountability facts about us:
💕 We are VOLUNTEERS. In the past six years, no one has been paid for their time working on Jeepin for a Cure activities.
💕 100% of what has been received, has gone directly to Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks
- Online Registration funds go directly to BCFO
- Squares used at our event (registration, shirt sales and auction) belong to BCFO therefore the funds go directly to them.
- Sponsors write their check directly to BCFO
- Cash collected during our events is handed directly to BCFO at the event
💕 Jeepin for a Cure is not an actual organization. We don't have a TIN. We don't have a checking account. We simply organize an event for a great cause and give the money directly to our charity of choice, Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks

💕   Help us maintain this drive to help families in their fight against breast cancer!!


If you ever have any questions, we are an open book!!!

Edmond McClure
Founder and Managing Partner

Joe Daues