Jeepin for a Cure | Breast Cancer Awareness 🎗️|||||||🎗️

October 19, 2019

WE EXCEEDED OUR GOALS!!!!  We ended up with 154 Jeeps and raised $23,000 to help families fighting Breast Cancer!!!!  I'm extremely proud of our Jeep Community!!!  THANK YOU!!!

Event Name:  Jeepin for a Cure | Breast Cancer Awareness 🎗️|||||||🎗️
Date:  October 19, 2019
Meet/Start Time:  Meet at 8:00am.  Event starts promptly at 10:00am 
Origin:  Youngblood Auto, Ozark, MO
Route:  To be announced (it will begin in Ozark and end in Branson)
Charity:  BCFO (Breast Cancer Foundations of the Ozarks)
Minimum Donation:  $25 per Jeep.  Additional donations accepted
Corporate sponsorships:  Click on our ePublication or email for more information
Event Goals:  150 Jeeps - Raise $10,000 (all proceeds will go to BCFO). - Raise awareness for fighting Breast Cancer